A toxicologist is a biological scientist that studies the effects of chemicals on the human body and the environment. They research and assess the effects of these substances and provide information on how to maintain the ecosystem.

The main job of a toxicologist is to perform and carry out laboratory experiments on the impact of certain types of toxic materials. They study the effects of these materials on humans, animals and plants. They may conduct experiments or observe these organisms that have been exposed to toxic substances. They do risk analysis to assess the dangers of each substance and create handling procedures using this information. They develop models and write reports and scientific papers about the effects of these substances on whole ecosystems. They may work in teams with other scientists and technicians as a part of a project. They may be used in court if they work in the forensics aspect of the career field. They prepare statistics and evaluate this data. They isolate and identify the different types of toxic substances and keep detailed records and reports on these substances. They may use experimental data to assess the toxicity of certain drugs. They balance the benefits of each substance against the risks to the patient and the ecosystem. The toxicologist salary is provided below.

Toxicologist Salary:

The average toxicologist salary in the United States is currently about $70,000 per year. This toxicologist salary amount depends on the area of the United States that you work in, your level of experience and the type of place that you work. The great thing about this career is that it is a job that starts off with a good toxicologist salary rate and gets better as you gain more experience. The starting toxicologist income is $47,000 per year. This is for a scientist that has no experience whatsoever besides college. By the time you have at least five years of experience your toxicologist salary will increase to $58,000 per year. The amount you make will steadily increase as long as you stay employed and have a good work record and ethics. With ten years of experience the toxicologist salary will reach the level of $70,000 per year. Fifteen years of experience will net a toxicologist salary of $84,000 per year. The top salary can be found among toxicologists that have at least twenty years of experience. At this advanced level of the career the toxicologist salary averages out to be about $98,000 per year.

Toxicologist Education:

If you have decided that you want to become a toxicologist, you will need to get a bachelor’s degree. Some colleges may have a toxicology program and some may not. Degrees in biochemistry and ecology are also accepted. If you plan to head a research department or want a high level career you may need to get a master’s degree or a doctorate. Typically a bachelor’s degree is sufficient to get started in this career and will involve four years of training and education. Courses of study may vary depending on the specialty that you choose. Typical courses studied will include biological systems, analytical chemistry, molecules and matter, organic chemistry, principles of toxicology, statistics for scientists, ecotoxicology, environmental sociology, physics, cellular toxicology and several courses of labs. A large part of your training will also include lab exams and scientific research teams. You may have to submit several papers as a part of your academic career path. Additional training and more intricate classes will be provided at the masters and doctorate levels.

Toxicologist Job Description:

The job description for a toxicologist will vary depending on their specialty. Some toxicologists may work in medical or pharmaceutical environments. Some may work in laboratories or in forensics labs. There are some toxicologists that work in the medical examiners office and some who test new products in a production environment. Most toxicologists work in a lab or office environment and may work in a team with other toxicologists and scientists. The work schedule for a toxicologist may vary but typically most types of toxicologists work a normal full time shift. There may be some overtime required at times. The work hours are typically within the daytime and usually are about forty hours per week for their toxicologist salary.

The work of a toxicologist can be a very interesting career choice to go into. The great thing about this career is that you will be able to expand your mind and learn new things everyday. Also since there are several different industries to work in it keeps you on your toes. You might decide to work in pharmaceuticals, forensics, clinical or even ecotoxicology. You will be at the forefront of deciding what products and substances are safe for human and animal consumption. If you are the type of person that loves to research and understand the effects of things then a job as a toxicologist may be the perfect toxicologist salary and career for you.

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