The health care industry as a whole is poised for massive growth. It is expected to create thousands of new jobs. It can be concluded that this will cause salaries to increase based on the rising demand for ultrasound technicians. This short outline will give you an overlay of what you can expect from this job and the ultrasound technician requirements.

Ultrasound Technician Salary Information:

The ultrasound technician salary will vary depending on the experience level of the technician's education, the number of specialties practiced, the geographic location, the facility as well as many other factors. The median tech salary is just short of $62,000 a year so the prospects are great regardless. The hourly wages for an ultrasound technician average out at about $30 an hour with most techs and related professionals working about three overtime hours a week and earning an additional $3 per hour for on-call work.

Ultrasound Technician Education Requirements:

Most colleges and schools today provide courses, degrees, programs, and certificates to meet ultrasound technician requirements. It is rapidly becoming one of the most popular degrees due to the demand. Students can expect to graduate in a 24 month period or even sooner if you have additional time and can afford to double up on courses. According to the United States Labor Department statistics, the employment of ultrasound technicians is expected to increase in demand and grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2012 and than it will begin rapidly expanding after the year 2016 when the Health Care Bill is expected to come into full effect.

Ultrasound Technician Work Environment:

Ultrasound techs can work in a variety of places but will most commonly end up working in a hospital. At the hospital, you can choose to work in trauma, critical care, the operating room, CT scanning, MRI, fluoroscopy and angiography. The actual job itself, is not stressful but you may end up working long hours, especially if you are in trauma or the critical care where you will be on call. You will also need to have good interpersonal skills as you will be working with other medical staff. The good news is that there is a constant need for ultrasound technicians so will have no problem finding employment. Your ultrasound technician requirements may change based on your specializations.

Choosing this career path will lead to a rewarding and safe career. Remember to take full advantage of government and state programs that give grants to students. Be sure to contact local schools around your area about help with tuition as they will be more than accommodating. By doing a little groundwork and research in the beginning, you will have no problem becoming an ultrasound technician.

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