When choosing a career, it is important that you find a career that you can be happy doing every day and that makes a nice wage so that you can support yourself and your family in a comfortable way. If you love animals and like taking care of them, a job as a veterinarian may be the perfect choice for you.

As a veterinarian, there will be many tasks that you will need to perform. The first thing that you will do when a patient comes in is to examine them and talk to their human owners to see what their symptoms are. Once they have been examined and you know their symptoms, a veterinarian will diagnose the patient and come up with a treatment plan. A veterinarian will also treat and dress any wounds that their patients may have. But seeing sick animals is not the only job of a veterinarian. They also test animals for diseases and give yearly vaccines. They advise owners in the proper care and maintenance of their animals also. Veterinarians also perform surgery and use several types of medical equipment including x-ray machines. They will also prescribe medicines as needed.

Veterinary Salary:

The average veterinary salary is $82,000 per year. The amount that you make will depend on several things including location, education and experience. Even the type of animals that you work on can affect the amount of your salary. Experience is one of the most important factors of the veterinary salary. The starting veterinary wage is about $50,000 a year or $24 an hour. After you gain about five years of experience, you will be able to increase your veterinary income to $31 an hour or $65,000 a year. By the time you have ten years of applicable experience, the veterinary salary will increase to $82,000 a year or $39 an hour. Fifteen years of experience will net you a nice salary of $106,000 a year or $51 an hour. The top veterinary salary will be obtained once you have twenty years of experience. The pay at this level is $68 an hour or $145,000 a year.

Veterinary Educational Requirements:

Becoming a veterinarian will take several years of training, education and dedication to your goal. The first step in your college career will be to obtain a bachelor’s degree. This can be in anything that you want, but most veterinary programs accept science and math degrees before other types of degrees. Once you have completed your bachelor’s degree, you can apply to one of the twenty eight accredited veterinary programs. Once accepted into one of the doctorate programs, you will spend an additional four years of medical schooling. This schooling will include classroom work, lab work and on site clinical rotations. These rotations will include working on real patients under the supervision of a real veterinarian in a clinic or hospital setting. After graduation, you will have to take a licensing exam before you can start practicing. Many states will require both the national and state exam. You may also opt for certification in any of the forty specialties. These include surgery, internal medicine and more.

Veterinary Work Environment:

The work environment of a veterinarian will vary depending on the type of vet they are and the type of facility that they work in. The majority of all vets work in doctor’s offices or in animal clinics but there are some who work on farms and make house calls. Some veterinarians that treat farm animals will travel a lot of the time to see their patients and will also work outside in the elements. Most vets will work in a doctor’s office or medical environment that is well lit and well ventilated. They often will work in a team environment with assistants and other animal professionals. Vets risk being hurt as some animals may not want any treatment or may bite when they are in pain. The average work schedule for a vet is around fifty hours per week. Some overnight hours are required and often they will be on call twenty four hours a day. The work is often stressful emotionally for many vets.

The job of a veterinarian is a very important job to have. You will be working with animals and ensuring that they are healthy and feeling no pain. It is job that will require good problem solving skills, have a very high level of compassion and you will have to make many decisions in a quick amount of time. Management skills will also be important when working in a large clinic so that work can be done in the right amount of time. This is also a job that has a lot of room for advancement in the medical field which makes it a great choice for a career.

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