The medical field is by far one of the best fields that you can enter. There are many different types of jobs within this sector of the economy. One of these careers is an x ray technician. The x ray technician is a medical professional that provides diagnostic imaging exams as ordered by the referring physician.

An x ray tech works as part of the radiology team. The first thing an x ray tech does is to ready the x ray room for a patient. They do this by reading the request from the doctor and any special instructions that they have included. They work with beam restrictive devices and use shielding techniques in order to minimize radiation exposure. They position the x ray machine and adjust controls to make the correct image. First, they position the patient on an examining table and adjust the machine in order to obtain the best image possible. They explain the procedure and outcome to the patient. X ray techs may also work in an operating room or emergency room with mobile x ray machines. They ensure that all supplies being used are clean and sterile and that all materials used are in good working order. After the image has been obtained, they process the image using computer aided programs. Exposures are made out of these images and given to the radiologist for help with readings. Images are retaken if they are not acceptable.

X Ray Tech Salary:

The x ray tech salary is currently sitting at around $54,500 per year. However, this is the national average and there are several factors that will come into play with the amount of the x ray tech income. There are several ways that you can increase your salary. One way is the location that you work in. If you are not above moving, you can get a higher than normal x ray tech salary. The top places to work with the highest x ray tech wages are Alaska, Hawaii, Maryland, California and Massachusetts. All of these states offer a x ray tech salary of more than $10,000 above the national average. Alaska and Hawaii offer a wage of $66,000 per year. In Maryland, the average x ray tech salary is $67,000 per year. The average salary in California is $68,000 per year. The top wage for an x ray tech can be found in the state of Massachusetts. Massachusetts offers a salary of $80,000.

X Ray Tech Education:

In order to become an x ray tech, you will need to get a degree from an accredited college that has been approved by JRCERT. There are three different degrees that you can take. This includes a certificate, associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree. This process will take one to four years depending on the degree that you choose. More than seventy three percent of all x ray techs have an associate’s degree. Training will include classroom learning in addition to labs and on site clinical rotations. Courses will include radiology technology, radiation protection, patient care, image analysis, digital imaging and acquisition, medical terminology, computer tomography, biology, pathology, radiologic positioning and more. Licensing is required after you have graduated. This is a computer based test given by ARRT. Upon passing the test, you are officially licensed to start work as a licensed x ray technician.

X Ray Work Environment:

The work environment is typically a normal medical environment. X Ray techs work in hospitals, physician’s offices and labs. They may work in a dim lit environment that is air controlled. They will be standing on their feet for the majority of their work schedule. They will need to have a good level of physical strength as they will need to move and position both patients and large machines and heavy equipment. They will use several types of computer software programs such as DICOM software and EMR software. They will use several tools such as CCD cameras, image intensifiers, automatic x ray film processors and more. Protective clothing is often worn to protect from the effects of radiation. This can include wearing lead aprons, gloves and other types of shields. The average work schedule for an x ray tech is normally a full time schedule of forty hours a week. Some may work overtime or on call due to emergency situations.

Becoming a x ray tech can be the perfect career for you if you want to work in the exciting field of imaging. This is a career that will involve several skills. You will need a very good command of science and math as you will need to mix chemicals and get the correct amounts. You will also need good stamina as you will be standing for several hours a day. You will also need to be highly detail oriented as instructions must be followed to a tee. All of these skills will make you a great x ray technician.

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