Dental Hygienist Salary Information

Dental Hygienist SalaryFinding the right job opportunity in our current economy can be very difficult. However, once you are able to find a career that you are passionate about, all that is left to do is a little research and enroll in school. A dental hygienist is a job that is continuously growing in demand every single day. There are a lot of people who are now looking into this career choice since they will be able to enjoy a very substantial dental hygienist salary once they have completed school. Aside from the great income, they will also be in a very nice working environment and can even have a lot of career opportunities in the near future. 

Dental hygienists are also called oral hygienists who tend to work on polishing and scaling the teeth of a patient. These professionals also provide essential advice on how patients can effectively clean their teeth. Since dental hygiene is a very important part of someone’s health, a dental hygienist has his or her work cut out for them.

Dental Hygienist Salary Expectations


The dental hygienist income can be very competitive since there are a lot of people who need help when it comes to their dental health. The USBLS (US Bureau of Labor Statistics) have placed the median dental hygienist wage at $68,250 annually. This means that a new dental hygienist is looking at $32.81 an hour once they start working. This salary information varies depending on geographical location of a person. The states that are offering a higher dental hygienist salary are: Nevada, Washington, California and Alaska. 

Nevada offers dental hygienists a yearly income of $77,000, while oral hygienists in Alaska earn around $90,000 every year, and California and Washington offers them $81,000 annually. Dental hygienists are also looking at a bright future since the USBLS predicts that the employment rate for this career will continue to grow at 38% starting from 2010 until 2020. Also, the salary compensation of a dental hygienist grows as they put years of experience into their resume.


The Education Of An Aspiring Dental Hygienist


Education is also another factor that will help a dental hygienist income to be stable in the future. Just like any other profession, education will help you get the best salary offers and benefit packages. An aspiring dental hygienist will have to first get an associate’s degree that is accredited by the American Dental Association or AMA. Aside from an associate’s degree, students can also get a two year certificate program which will get them closer to becoming a dental hygienist. A certificate program in dental hygiene consists of classroom education combined with education in the clinical laboratory department. 

Students will be able to gain enough practical experience even before they start working. In this program they will be able to learn how to treat tooth decay and how to address sensitive gums. This will be their foundation to be able to record patient histories effectively and give the right information to patients when it comes to addressing proper dental care. Most oral hygiene certificate courses focus on subjects like: Dental pharmacology, administering local anesthesia, periodontology, dental hygiene practice and theory, and so much more. These are the essential things that a student must learn to be effective on the job.

Getting a degree as an Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene will also be a great way to start a career in the dental field in the future. You can learn about oral biology, dental materials, community dental health, nutrition in dentistry and legal responsibility in dentistry. These are the things that will mold an efficient oral hygienist in the future. After getting an associate degree or certificate program, a student will have to undergo a license examination which is required by every state to be able to start a career in dental hygiene.

The Work Environment Of An Oral Hygienist


Dental hygienists often work in dental clinics and work directly under dentists. They provide essential skills to help patients and the dentist to provide the best oral care for people around the country. These professionals work in well lit and clean offices. Oral hygienists must also exercise a great deal of leadership and responsibility in their work environment. Most of the time, they have to adhere to the proper procedures when it comes to handling radiological procedures or using anesthetic gas on patients. 

These professionals must also wear gloves, masks and other sterilized materials to help protect patients and themselves from any infectious diseases in the process. After these things, a dental hygienist will be able to have a great sense of fulfillment since they are doing their part when it comes to maintaining the dental health of every single person.

These are just some of the things that an aspiring candidate can look forward to when they become a dental hygienist. You will be able to have a competitive dental hygienist salary, enjoy a career that helps people and learn a great deal of things while on the job. You will also be able to expect a great future since the dental hygienist wage continues to grow steadily every single year. This can be a great profession that is always respected and can provide a great job profile to anyone willing to work for it.

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