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Physical Therapist smallPhysical therapists are finding new ways to bring help to people with physical injuries so that they are able to work, function and live as normal as possible. These health care professionals provide essential treatment that will allow patients to live their everyday life easier and better. Physical therapists help patients do simple tasks that may be difficult after an accident or disease. Such tasks include walking, grooming, getting out of bed and even dressing. This is just an overview on what you can expect if you are contemplating on becoming a physical therapist. 

You will not only be able to help patients live the life they’ve always wanted but you will also have a bright future ahead of you. The world of physical therapy continues to grow and expand every year. Not to mention the substantial physical therapist salary is also becoming much more competitive around the country. Here are some of the things you can expect as a physical therapist

The Physical Therapist Wage

A physical therapist is continuously needed in the medical field due to the growing requirement for health care practitioners who are able to address physical injuries all the time. This is why statistics show that the average yearly salary of a starting physical therapist is a lot more competitive than other professions. A fresh graduate is looking at an annual salary of $75,000 or $36 an hour. This is just the median range of what a new physical therapist can earn when they start working. 

This pay scale changes over time and also differs depending on the geographical location of the practitioner. The physical therapist income is very diverse, especially in our current time and for the years to follow. Everyone wants to be able to earn a substantial income that will address their needs, wants and lifestyle. This is definitely achievable in the world of physical therapy.

Since we mentioned that a professional’s geographical location plays a major factor in a physical therapist salary, here are some of the states that will bring a more lucrative pay for aspiring PTs. The District of Columbia offers physical therapists an annual salary of $89,300 as of May 2011, New Jersey gives $88,270 while Texas offers $90,000, Alaska is the second highest paying state with $91,990 and the top paying state for physical therapists is Nevada with a competitive annual salary of $97,810. These are the top states that have been proven to give the best compensation for physical therapists. This means that the future is definitely brighter for physical therapists who want to take the medical field into their hands.


The Educational Requirements Of A Physical Therapist

Aside from choosing the right state to work in, a physical therapist will be able to maximize their annual income by building a solid foundation with their education. The educational requirement of a physical therapist usually will vary depending on the institution that they plan to enroll in. A student must first enroll in an undergraduate education program and earn a degree in significant science coursework. They can either get a degree in physiology, biology or anatomy. There are also some schools that give students a chance to major in pre-physical therapy within the institution’s physical education and health department. 

This is their first step to becoming a full pledged physical therapist which can help them earn a competitive physical therapist wage. After this, students will then take a graduate program that will earn them a Doctor of Physical Therapy or DPT. To get into these programs, a student must adhere to the institutions admittance requirements which include standard grade point average and a substantial amount of coursework. After graduating, students will then be required to pass a licensing examination held by the National Physical Therapy Examination of NPTE which will then allow them to practice in the medical field.

The Work Environment Of A Physical Therapist

Physical therapists constantly work around patients who are in need of therapy. These professionals usually find work within medical offices like an orthopedic surgery unit or in a hospital setting. Doctors usually refer patients to physical therapists especially if they need rehabilitation after an injury or a known disease. The work environment of a physical therapist is usually littered with constant responsibilities since they need to be on top of things to make sure that their patients get the right exercise or treatment for that session. 

They also need to make sure that they track the patient’s progress regularly and that they give helpful tips on how they can improve their condition even when they are at home. These things may seem like a big responsibility for a physical therapist but the fulfillment in helping another person makes it all worth it. Also, the competitive physical therapist salary is an added bonus in this chosen field.

The job outlook for physical therapists is estimated at 39% which means that hospitals and medical institutions will continue to hire PTs in the coming years. These statistics also means that the average physical therapist income will continue to grow and be more competitive in the coming years. So if you are looking for a job that gives you fulfillment and a stable future then becoming a physical therapist might just be for you. Helping others and creating a better future for you is what the world of physical therapy has to offer.

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