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Web Designer smallAre you looking for a career where you can be really creative while still making a great salary and have job stability? Well, if computers are something that you excel at then a career as a web designer may be perfect for you. As a web designer you will be in charge of designing and implementing the websites of your clients. You will be in the drivers seat from the design to the end product and it will be your job to test the site before it goes public.

You will need to be proficient in several types of computer languages such as HTML, Java, CSS, SQL, Perl and more. You may also be required to create graphics for your sites using programs such as Photoshop and illustrator. You will be meeting with clients to discuss their needs so you will need to have great communication skills. You will also be working within a team at times and on your own at times so you will need to have good organization skills and the ability to work according to strict deadlines.

Web Designer Salary

The current national average for a web designer salary is about $50,000 per year. This is for a basic designer and will depend on many things such as your education level and experience in the field. Experience will play a large part of how much the web designer wage will be. A newly graduated web designer can expect the web designer salary to be in the $37,000 range. With five years of experience you can expect a web designer income of about $45,000 per year. 

At ten years of experience you can net $60,000 per year. With fifteen years of experience a web designer salary of about $65,000 per year. The best web design income will come when you are a senior web designer. This means that you have more than 20 years of experience under your belt. At this time you can make a web designer wage of more than $70,000 per year.

Web Designer Education

If you have decided that a career in web design is for you, then you will need to take the necessary steps to secure a great job in the industry. While obtaining a job as a designer does not require that you have a degree, more and more employers are looking for applicants that have an associate or bachelor degree. The college training course that you attend will depend on how long it is. Typically they last from two to four years and will teach you topics such as design, development languages, software used, computer operating systems and other computer science topics. 

The education environment is hands on and will involve several projects that you will need to complete. You will constantly have to continue your education as computer languages and programs are constantly changing and you will need to know all the latest languages and programs in order to do your job well. Additional training may be required by your employer or you may have to complete a one to two year internship with your employer before being hired on fully.

Web Designer Work Environment

The work environment of a web designer is similar to that of most computer professionals. You will be working in an office environment mixed in with traveling to the offices and homes of your clients. You may also do a lot of your meetings in an office or meeting room environment. You will need to able to express yourself well and also to understand what your clients want from you. This means that you will need highly developed listening skills. 

As a web designer you will be able to make a lot of the decisions that need to be made and you may need to suggest things to your client and advise them about what looks and performs well on the internet. You will need to bid for jobs and may need to do some mock up websites to show your clients what you can do. Also, more than thirty percent of web designers are independent and work either for themselves or are contracted by a design company. This means that the hours you work may be longer than a web designer that works for a company full time.

A career web designing can be a very lucrative career choice. It offers a great web designer salary, nice benefits, a good work environment and a way to express yourself creatively. But it also ensures great job placement and has a really good outlook for the future. There is an expected growth of thirteen percent more jobs being added to the market by the year 2018. This means that several thousand jobs will be added and that there is a great need for well educated web designers now and in the future too.

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